5 Easy Tips for Improving the Quality of Your Website

5 Easy Tips for Improving the Quality of Your Website

5 Easy Tips for Improving the Quality of Your Website

The user experience offered by your website can be the difference between a bounce and a sale. If your website is slow, not optimized for mobile viewing, or difficult to navigate, users are likely to go elsewhere.

Use the following 5 easy tips for improving the quality of your website if you’re tired of looking at increasing bounce rates.

Boost the Speed of Your Website
The very first step that you should take to improve the quality of your website is to boost the speed of your site. Loading time can play a major role in conversion rates. This is especially true considering the increasing number of people who rely on mobile devices to browse the web.

You can use various online tools to test the exact speed of your site. These tools will often offer a breakdown of the elements on your web page. You can decide which items are taking the longest to load.

Optimize the Images on Your Site
Images are a common cause of long loading times. Make sure that your images are optimized. If your image only displays at a maximum size of 900 pixels, there is no reason to use a 1200-pixel wide image.
If you’re not using a transparent background in your image, you don’t need to use PNG image files. JPG files are smaller. You can use just about any photo editing program to resize your images and save them as JPG files.

Use a Responsive Web Design
The majority of web design templates use responsive coding. You no longer need a separate mobile site.

Make Your Content Readable
As with the speed of your page, if users have any trouble reading your content, they will leave your site. Don’t get carried away using fancy fonts.

Using an interesting font for a header is acceptable, but you should use a standard font for your primary text. Times, Arial, and Helvetica and variations of these three font families are your best bet.

Pay Attention to Your Placement of Ads
You’ll probably include ads to help generate a little extra income if your site receives a lot of traffic. Including ads from Google AdSense or any other program is normal. If these ads are more prominent than your primary content, you take away from the legitimacy of your site.

When placing ads on your site, stick to the basic rule of only including one ad above the fold. You can either place a banner across the top of your page or an ad along your sidebar. Avoid placing two ads along the top section of your site.

Visitors should instantly be drawn to your primary content. At the bottom of the list of these actions is clicking on an ad that takes them away from your site.

Use these 5 tips to begin streamlining your website. If your site is not well-built, users will not be interested in anything you’re offering.

Evaluate your site and begin implementing these suggestions.

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