5 Expert Tips for Improving Your Conversion Rates

Expert Tips for Improving Your Conversion Rates

Expert Tips for Improving Your Conversion Rates

Are you finding it difficult to increase your conversion rates? If you can’t convert your traffic into sales, then what’s the point of your marketing efforts? It can be incredibly frustrating to spend time and money attracting visitors to a landing page or sending out mass emails without noticing an increase in sales.

Conversion rate optimization isn’t always easy. Take a moment to explore these 5 expert tips for improving conversion rates if you’re not happy with the current performance of your marketing efforts.

Keep Your Content Simple

Whether you’re creating an email or website copy, you need to keep the content simple. Don’t get carried away explaining all the benefits of your product or service. Too much content can turn visitors away.
Consumers are smart. They’ll see through lengthy sales pitches. They want immediate solutions to whatever problem you’re addressing.

Keep Your Forms Simple

In addition to keeping your content simple, you’ll want to keep your forms simple. It should be straightforward and as simple as possible if your visitors need to fill out a form.

If you’re just collecting their email address, you don’t need their phone number, address, and last name. You could just ask for the information you really want– their email address. Including their first name, can help you personalize emails.

Basically, don’t need your visitors to fill out any information that you don’t really need. Market research has shown that conversion rates drop dramatically as you begin adding more elements to a form.

Make Your Call to Action Visible

Make sure your call to action delivers. Your call to action should not only entice visitors to move on to the next step, it should be highly visible. Otherwise, your call to action won’t have the impact that it needs to have.

Make sure that your call to action is larger than the main text of your content. Many companies place the call to action in a button, to help it stand out. Use bold lettering, make the text bigger, and make it noticeable.

The call to action should also be placed early enough in the copy that readers get to it within 1 to 2 minutes of reading. Consider placing your first call to action below your third or second paragraph.

Create Catchy Sub-Headlines and headlines

You should put just as much thought into your headlines and sub-headlines as you would your call to action. You should use the headline in the subject line if you’re sending out emails. This will be the only chance you have to get readers to open the email.

The headline should grab their attention. It should offer readers something of value, without giving away too much information. It should be short, to the point, and intriguing.

Add Customer Testimonials

You can round out your emails or landing pages by including customer testimonials. Consumers are more willing to listen to another consumer. They’ve no reason to trust the claims that you make if a consumer is unfamiliar with your brand.

With the addition of a few customer testimonials, you’re showing your visitors or readers that your solution really works. If the reader takes action that they can enjoy the same benefits as the customers that provided their testimonials, you’re promoting that idea.

If your product or service is new and you don’t have any customers yet, you could start your marketing efforts by sending out some freebies to a select group of people, in exchange for their opinion. Just make sure that you let them know that their comments may be used for commercial purposes.

ll take time and energy to start improving your conversion rates. You can get started now by employing the strategies provided.

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