7 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

If you have a blog right now (or plan to have one), what can you do to make money with it? The following are the seven blogging tricks and tips I used on my blog. You could apply them to your blog to take them to the next level to be profitable in as many ways as possible.

Build Your Own List

Every successful marketer will all advise anyone to have their own list. The list is your long term asset. It allows you to build a strong relationship that leads to repeat sales and loyal customers. To get people to give you their email, you need to offer something free ( a free report, a free video, courses and so on…) aka lead magnet.

Your action is to include a form on your blog with a lead magnet to encourage sign ups.

Recommend Products 

When you recommend your friends or family members to a restaurant where you love the food you ordered and liked, you want to experience it, won’t you? It’s not hard to share with others what you like.

That’s exactly how to recommend products! Treat the readers of your blog like your friends (because they are!) and tell them why the product you’re recommending is worth checking out.

This is a Win-win step to make them feel they are your friends as they read more, they trust you more, and eventually buy from you.

What you need is to write a post reviewing your favorite product and add your affiliate link.

Create And Sell Products

The best is to have your own products. This way you can have more affiliates promote for you. They drive more traffic and you only pay them when they make the sale.

The easiest way to create your own product is to take the high quality private label rights products you acquired and make changes to become your own unique product. You don’t even need to rewrite yourself as you can outsource them to qualified writers to make it look and sound the way you want.

Google around to search for the best PLR products you can sell as your own.

Premium Content Membership

With your blog, you already have an are of interest – your niche. As more people out there are searching for the particular niche, put in some extra effort to create highly specialized, premium content.

Create a paid membership site to contain the new premium content. Let the free content to whet the appetite of your readers for the in-depth teaching within your membership site.

These readers of your free content would be most willing to pay a small fee to get into your membership site in search for more premium, individualized content. You membership site becomes your source of passive income.

Run Ads On Your Site

These can be ads for your own products, or ad space sold at a premium to others.

The most common type of ad used by bloggers are banners. Many WordPress themes accommodate banners automatically, making the process of placing ads on your site as easy as drag-and-drop.  When selling ad space to others, you can use a service like BuySellAds to find customers for you based on your niche and traffic level.

Place a banned ad to your site today for your favorite product.

Improve Your SEO

Use the best market practice when applying SEO to your content. The best plug-in I used is Yoast, the simplest step by step SEO and easy to follow.

Also, tie your blog into social media. By having your blog link to your social media profiles and those profiles featuring links to your posts and pages, you create an automatic linking strategy that will help your search engine ranking immensely.

To leverage the traffic of others, invite people who are authorities in your niche to guest post in your blog. Request them to post on social media inviting their tribe to go check out on your blog.

This builds your following, builds your authority, and raises your search engine ranking by association.

Give Products Away

Giveaway creates goodwill. This is also part of content marketers’ job. People love to receive free stuff. Your giveaways should be useful but do not need to be complete. The usefulness is to help them while the incomplete part is to get their curiosity to be satisfied by your paid products.

The things you give away on your blog need to be given away strategically – Let the freebies lead into products that you recommend. This is a very subtle, very effective, non-manipulative way of selling things online.

Choose a report or product to be given to your visitors today.

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