732_41708721694_6746_nIt’s a pleasure to thank you for visiting here to learn more about me. I like to share with you my mission in having this blog setup.

I wish the information below would help you. My name is Jin Tee PNG. I’m 67 years now, retired from the corporate world 15 year ago. A very happy grand-father to 4 cute grand kids. I should say I’m satisfied enough to just enjoy the rest of my life with those kids.

After spending that much time, working on the internet in search for success, and to stay “focus”, I believe you and me failed badly!

Let me raise the following questions:

1. Do you also get overwhelmed by the amount of information about how to make money online?
2. Have you bought other info-products, courses and magical “push-button systems” that promise you but FAIL you all the time?
3. Do you ever wish somebody would just sit down with you and give you some help to create real results?

I was in those situation for a long time. Are you one of those 95% that fail in the internet marketing arena?

I’ve got great news for you!

After some help from a few mentors, I began to experience a little success. My advice to you is never begin your journey with the mindset of making millions!
Take one step at a time.

I like to be the one who can just sit down with you to answer your questions and lead you to take those small steps to meet your goals.

Just Skype me at “jcity297” for a strategic session to understand where you stand and how to move on.

Helping others get what they want is the most enjoyable task I love to take. Like my motto in my website: http://JinTeePng.com, “I make money online by showing people how they can also do it”.

Stay happy is the best way to stay healthy for the rest of my life.

Best to you,
Jin Tee PNG



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