Deliver Smarter Auto-responders With Send Windows

At the end of our recent post on the trouble with choosing the “best” time to send your autoresponders, we proposed that autoresponders need to get “smarter:”

  • Deliver themselves only during the days and times you want.
  • Avoid days and times that don’t work for your subscribers.

Throughout most of the history of email marketing, this sort of focused delivery scheduling was only available for broadcasting – not for autoresponders.

That’s about to change. To learn how, read on.

Send Windows Make Your Autoresponders Smarter

Today, we’re excited to announce that you can deliver your automated follow up messages during the days and times you’ve determined to be best for your subscribers.

To see Autoresponder Send Windows in action, read on:

As you can see, you can easily choose during which days, and times you want your autoresponders to go to your customers and prospects.

And when you opt to use the geographic awareness, we’ll automatically adjust delivery to each subscriber’s time zone – no matter where they are in the world, if you tell us to deliver your follow up in the morning, that’s when we’ll send it to each person!

How Can You Use This To Make Your Email Marketing More Effective?

A few ideas:

  • Look at when subscribers are opening your emails and/or clicking your links (the Opens over Time and Clicks Over Time reports will show you this) and adjust your send windows so your messages stand out at the top of the inbox during those times!
  • Run a weekend sale – schedule one of your follow ups to only send on Friday mornings!
  • Are there certain days and/or times that you know are bad for your subscribers? Use send windows to avoid sending during those days/times!

Those are just a couple ways you can start to increase your response rates with send windows – we know you’ll come up with different and creative ideas on how to use them. When you do, we want to hear about them!

Learn More About Autoresponder Send Windows

See how to create Autoresponder Send Windows in our Knowledge Base…

Hope you enjoy the new Autoresponder Send Windows!


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