Emotional Response with Video Marketing

How to Create an Emotional Response with Video Marketing

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Creating a sense of belonging can also be beneficial for helping to build a community. Let potential members know that by joining your community they will be part of a family if you’re looking to get people to join your community.

Competition and Leadership in Video Content

Some people like to be the first to try something. This can give people a sense of importance, leadership, and can be used to appeal to their competitive nature.

A Few Suggestions About Choosing an Emotional Trigger

You should be careful when choosing an emotional trigger. Obviously, you can’t appeal to everyone at the same time.

Unless you’re going after a specific demographic, you should avoid attempting anything crazy or too wild. You should stick with the triggers that you ‘d like to see in a video for your content. You want to elicit a specific reaction to urge viewers to take action.

People are bombarded with commercials and video content every day. In order to cut through these messages, your video needs to create an emotional response.

Consider the emotional triggers discussed the next time you create video content for your business. Along with emotional triggers for video content, there are many other ways to grab people’s attention.

How to Create an Emotional Response with Video Marketing

Video content is becoming an important part of internet marketing strategies. They help keep visitors engaged. It’s been found that consumers are more likely to keep information obtained from a video than information that they read.

When creating video content, being able to create an emotional response helps your content connect with viewers. They become more interested in your content and they’re more likely to move onto the next step in your marketing approach.

Here’s some of the most effective emotional triggers for video content marketing.

Using Fear in Video Content

Fear is one of the biggest motivators. You can see this in action in commercials and video content for insurance companies, law firms, and other service-based businesses. The idea of using fear is to give viewers the idea that they need a particular service or product or else something bad could happen.
When there is a real danger involved, fear is most effective. You wouldn’t use fear when marketing a video or a toy game.

The Power of Guilt

You can often see guilt at play in content for non-profit organizations. As an example, you can watch almost any video for animal shelters, feeding the poor, and other aid organizations, and see examples of guilt being used to illicit a response.

Instant Gratification for Immediate Action

Instant gratification can be used to create a sense of urgency. Using trigger phrase such as “act now” or “limited time only” can increase conversion rates for sales, deals, and special promotions.

Create a Sense of Belonging

Another commonly used emotional trigger is creating a sense of belonging. This type of emotional trigger is often used for service-based products.

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