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What: WowApp is a FREE Instant Messenger like Skype, WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger that works on iPhone, Android, iOS, tablet, Windows and Mac.

Why: The CEO of WowApp wanted a way for people to make money from this multi-billion dollar industry simply by using WowApp.



How: WowApp shares 70% of the revenue/margin from ads and optional paid calling through 8 generations.  With WowApp you can actually earn money without spending a penny.



Cash Out: Use your earnings and give to nearly 2,000 charities or cash out to your Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Account.  The more people you share WowApp with the more commissions you can make as they use and share WowApp with others.



Be sure to get your free account before you download the app.

Note: After you install WowApp be sure to check your inbox or spam folder to verify your email address so you can sign back in or install on another device.

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