Giving Your Online Business The Direction It Needs

Finding success online starts with knowing your direction. If you know who you want to be in this business, how you want to affect people, that will give you a driving force to keep yourself productive and successful long term.

Do you have a big idea?

Do you have that one thing that you can say to customers that lets them know what it is you offer, how they will benefit, and why they should buy from you?

To be clear, you don’t have to be an Apple to develop a big idea. You don’t even have to own a company to use a big idea.

Big ideas, clearly communicated, work for affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes.

In today’s fast paced, information-addicted society, being able to clearly state what you offer, quickly, creates big benefits.

So how can you do that?

By developing a core message and then letting that core message run like a ribbon through everything you do.

  • Include it in your advertising.
  • Make it part of your logo.
  • Put it in your business name.
  • Tweet about it.
  • Pin images about it.
  • Include it in articles.
  • Add an email signature that reinforces your big idea.

You can’t go wrong being known for your big idea. And being identified by your big idea will help you sell more products to more people more easily.
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If you’re struggling to find your ultimate direction, what your business should really be doing, you can’t go wrong by defining your company by how you can help your readers most. If you can offer people help by meeting them where they are and offering a hand when it’s most needed, you can’t go wrong.

Help Others Get What They Want

If helping others get what they want is the true path to success, sales is the ideal profession. “People buy because they either need or want something,” Ziglar writes in Ziglar on Selling. “If we can give persons a reason for buying and an excuse for buying, the chances that they will buy improve rather dramatically.”

The key, he explains, is developing an attitude of curiosity and a sincere interest in your prospect’s needs. With those needs clarified, you can then offer a solution that satisfies both you and the customer.

At a recent conference, author and keynote speaker Bob Burg pointed to Ziglar, a fellow panelist for the event, and shared how this master motivator and successful salesman had impacted his life. Early in his sales career, Burg attended one of Ziglar’s Secrets of Closing the Sale seminars. At the end of his presentation, Ziglar pitched his sales training program, which was available for purchase at the back of the room in cassette format.

As he made his way down the aisle to the sales table, a few of Burg’s co-workers tried to stop him. “They said, ‘You can’t afford Zig’s program—none of us can.’ And I said, ‘Exactly, that’s why I’m going back there to get Zig’s program… so one day I’ll be able to afford Zig’s program and anything else I want,’ ” Burg says.

Burg says he “devoured” the program, listening to it repeatedly. The 16th time he listened to the audio, he heard a key point that he then incorporated into to his sales presentation. Immediately, he began to close more sales. “I’ll tell you what, that product that I couldn’t afford to buy, but bought anyway, made me hundreds of thousands of dollars through the years. I owe so much to this gentleman because he allowed me to provide more value to more people than I would have been able to without being equipped in that way.”

Action → Commit today to become others-focused. With your spouse, your children, your prospects and your peers, keep the question,How can I help you?as a primary focus in the relationship.


Do you know your one thing? Do you have a singlular focus that allows you to quickly and clearly tell people exactly what your online business is about?

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