Great Strategies To Build Quality Traffic

When it comes to inventive marketing and business building methods, there’s a great source of wisdom in Neil Patel. If you’re looking for new, untapped ways to get quality traffic to your site, these are a few simple but stellar ideas to get started.

Unexpected Traffic Sources

Today, my websites are enjoying tremendous traffic from unexpected sources. I want to show you 12 untraditional and surprising ways that you can boost traffic to your website.

Offer a free webinar.

A few well-placed webinars are all you need to rise to stardom.

Sounds simple, I know, but here’s what happens. You simply identify a major problem that a lot of people have. You come up with a creative solution, jot down some talking points, and create a slideshow. Next, you promote your webinar, and of course, offer it for free. If you pull it off successfully, thousands of people will sign up.

Suddenly, you’re benefiting not just from the brand exposure from the webinar specifically, but from the halo referral traffic from the webinar attendees.

Kissmetrics, an analytics SaaS, has had wild success from the webinar strategy. Their library of webinars continues to drive traffic and improve engagement.

Submit articles and content to a discussion site.

One of Web 2.0’s greatest innovations was online discussions. Instead of merely being content consumers, most web participants wanted to be participants.

Today, sites like Reddit and (for marketers) are powerful places to engage in robust discussion. If you become active on these sites through upvoting or submitting, you’re sure to see a huge source of referral traffic materialize before your eyes.

Use your email signature.

How many emails do you send a day? Don’t overlook your email signature as a source of traffic. When you link your website into your email signature, you’re putting your website in front of dozens of people without even thinking about it.

Use ‘Tweet This’ in your blog articles.

The better you write, the better you’ll gain social shares. A simple “Tweet this” sprinkled throughout your blog will get you more social exposure. Be sure to put the “tweet this” CTA next to some of your best phrases.

– via Forbes

Building a blog is a great way to build your authority, get your name known, and become an online success. But if you want to use your blog to build traffic and find new leads, then you need to make sure your SEO is up to snuff. The keywords you use – and how you handle them – can be one of the most vital blogging strategies you ever use!

Business Blog SEO Pro Tip

Most marketing strategies are based on content creation. According to the “B2B Content Marketing” report held by the Content Marketing Institute, 70% of all B2B marketers are distributing more content compared to the previous year.

The same source indicates that blogging is upon the most effective tactics and it is not going to change anytime soon. Moreover, marketers who focus on blogging are 13 times more likely to increase their revenue. Quality and regular blogging can provide your business with several benefits such as: generating leads, building brand awareness and authority and developing an active community. Therefore, to use your blog’s full potential, you should not only make it worth reading but also properly optimize it for SEO.

Find a long tail keyword for each post

First and foremost, each of your blog posts should be optimized for just one major keyword. Of course, there will be tons of different phrases in a text anyway. It is highly recommended to target long tail keywords because of a very compelling advantage: it’s where 70% of the traffic lies.

Long tail keywords are less competitive and highly specific at the same time. They bring more valuable traffic to a website because of more relevant visitors who tend to convert better. You can achieve the best results if you mix different head keywords with long tail search terms. Implementing into your article multiple variations of the same keyword will help you reach a wider range of phrases and avoid keywords stuffing.

Google’s Keyword Tool can help you with finding the ideas for accurate long tail phrases because it captures the average monthly searches for your head keyword and its long tail variations.

One of the most important SEO tips is a method for finding correct long tail keywords using Insert your head phrase into the search bar and check what related terms Google suggests. Afterward, scroll down and see the related searches listed at the bottom of the page.

– via Business 2 Community

Do you use longtail keywords on your business blog? How do you create new traffic for yourself and your business?

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