How Evergreen Niches Hold the Key to Your Business’s Profitability

The niche you select for the info-products you promote should be narrow enough so that you aren’t creating inefficiencies by trying to market to an overly large audience, but broad enough to include a large array of info-products and services that customers within your niche will want to buy.

The niche market “info-products for people who live in Oklahoma” is too large because it includes more than a million potential customers who use a infinite amount of info-products.

The niche market “Dallas Cowboys fans who live in Oklahoma and drive Chevys that are more than 10 years old and have a sister named Samantha” would be too narrow because there wouldn’t be enough prospective customers to make your marketing efforts worthwhile.

The key to any information marketing campaign is identifying the most profitable niches that are neither too broad nor too narrow. And the best way to do this is through research. The Internet provides research tools that are more than adequate for identifying the best possible niches for you.

Short Term vs Long Term Niches

Niches for information marketing can be broken down into two basic categories: Long-term niches and short-term niches. A short-term niche would have a lifespan that was relatively limited, such as Christmas 2015. If you choose to feature info-products in this niche, after the holiday has passed, there are going to be very few customers looking for those type of niche info-products.

Because they offer a much longer lifespan so you can continue to sell info-products within that niche to your customers almost without end, long-term niches are more desirable.

An example of a long-term niche would be dog training. There are always going to be naughty dogs who need to learn basic obedience, so you can continue to sell info-products within this niche indefinitely.

Benefits of Evergreen Niches

An evergreen is a type of shrub or tree that stays green all year. An evergreen niche for your information info-product is one that does not have seasonality so that your customers will buy the information info-products you offer anytime.

Some classic examples of evergreen niches would be health care, child care and cleaning info-products. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is or what holiday is coming, people need to buy info-products in this niche all the time.

People selling evergreen info-products or services earn a consistent amount every month, year in and year out. Because their services and info-products are needed all the time.

Permanently Popular

Evergreen niches include info-products that sell regardless of what’s popular. They are niches that are always going to be popular, no matter how well or how poorly the economy is doing or how big or small the marketplace is. Because they offer solutions to problems that can never truly be solved or are so universal that there will always be people looking for info-products to help them solveĀ it.

Generally, competition in these niches is high because these are the markets where the money is. If you find high-quality info-products in any of these niches, you can confidently set up a long-term business because there will always going to be a market for info-products in these niches.

Biggest Evergreen Niches

People have bought info-products in these niches since the invention of money and will continue to buy them in some form or another forever:

– Relationships/Dating.
– Dog Obedience
– Spiritual Development/Horoscope
– Life Problems.
– Weight Loss.
– Personal Development/Workout Goals
– Making Money/Getting Out of Debt
– Food/Cooking.

These niches also give you the ability to sell multiple products to customers, increasing your sales opportunities. Take a look around the Internet at any of these niches and you will find a nearly endless supply of info-products that you can offer.

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