How To Build A PROFITABLE Email List

You need more than just an autoresponder account in order to build a profitable email list. You need places where your ideal customers can join your list, reasons they will want to join, enough content to keep them engaged, along with ways to build their trust, convince them to buy, and more.

For today, let’s learn how to get more signups by making the process easier for subscribers, plus why content matters so much in your follow up systems.

Cultivate A Healthy Email List

Make Signups Easy

As a next step, have an easy-to-spot signup for emails on your homepage.

Now, entice your online shoppers to put their email into the box. Can you offer a coupon for a first purchase? Can you offer a contest or free content in exchange for the user’s email? If so, don’t hold back, and make sure the user knows the amazing benefit of joining your list.

A word of caution, however — these incentivized email addresses may be weaker candidates for a long-term relationship when compared to the pure organic ones, so make sure that you are qualifying your captured addresses.

Now that we’ve started capturing emails, it’s time to focus on qualifying and retaining those emails. The first question is, what happens when someone signs up?

Many marketers choose to use a double opt-in email which forces users to click a link after signing up to confirm their email address. This can hamper growth a little bit, but is a good way to make sure the people on your list actually want to be there.

Content Is Key

The next step is content. Most marketers have at least one welcome email thanking their new user for joining and possibly offering that juicy coupon, but the next email is probably more important. I like to recommend a nurture program to my clients.

Instead of just the one-step welcome, offer two to six more messages to a user promoting the different sections of the site, offering value beyond just sale information, pointing people to your social pages, and most importantly, providing the user with clear information on how to update their preferences. If a user doesn’t open a single one of these emails, it becomes pretty clear that they’re never going to open an email, so you are probably better served by treating that email address as a black hole.

When people churn from a list, it’s generally because they stopped caring about your content. Make sure that you are offering them every chance to tell you what kind of content they want to receive and when they want to receive it.

– via Marketing Land

If you want people on your list who are qualified buyers, then you need to draw them in with targeted content. This jumpstarts your trust relationship with them because you present yourself as a reliable authority worth listening to. That means they will be waiting and wanting the email you then send along.
It all starts with great content.

Grow Your List By Writing High-Value Guest Posts

If you write guest posts to increase traffic to your site, you should use that traffic to attract readers to your email list.

Here are the five steps I use to optimize my guest posts:

  • Perform research. I read the top 10 posts on my target website to look for patterns. How are headlines written? How is the content formatted? What type of tone and language will connect with readers?
  • Engage readers with your byline. Instead of a basic bio, include an action for readers to take that’s beneficial to them. My friend John’s byline is a great example: John Corcoran is an attorney and former Clinton White House Writer. When he’s not in a bathroom stall doing power poses, he writes about business relationships and social skills. He has a free 52+ page guide which you can download, called How to Increase Your Income in 14 Days by Building Relationships with Influencers, Even if You Hate Networking.
  • Provide bonus material. Direct readers to bonus material on your site. In my byline for this post, I offer the spreadsheets I used to help grow OkDork to 50,000 email subscribers in eight months.
  • Get specific. Create a custom landing page specifically for your guest post readers. You can make a template in WordPress and then duplicate it for each new site where you guest post.
  • Promote your content. Make sure to share your content with your email list and through social media. If you help make the post a success, you’ll increase your chances of getting additional opportunities to write for the site.
  • Remember, your guest posts should be even better than the content you write for your own site. The super valuable information you contribute will benefit your email list and, ultimately, your business.

– via Copyblogger

What methods do you use to grow your email list? How are you drawing prospects in?

Check out Charlie Page’s “Follow Up Sales System” for more info.

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