How to Market Your eBook to Boost Web Traffic

How to Market Your eBook to Boost Web Traffic

You’ve written an eBook and are excited about the prospects of boosting your website traffic and sales. What do you do when no one seems to be interested in purchasing your eBook? You need to make sure you’re doing everything you can to properly market your new eBook

You don’t want your hard work to go to waste. The longer your eBook goes without any purchases, the less effective it will be. Before you upload your eBook to Amazon or begin self-distributing it, make sure you know how to market your eBook

Create Landing Pages for Your eBook

Create targeted landing pages to entice visitors to want to buy your eBook. These landing pages should target a specific demographic, which is why you should create more than one. If you’re writing directly to your target audience, focus on a demographic and write as.

Towards the bottom of your landing pages, you should include a call to action that links to an opt-in form. Start building an email list. As the release date for your eBook approaches, you can send your subscribers email updates.

Start Blogging About Your eBook

Along with landing pages, you should use blog posts to help promote your eBook. This is similar to using a landing page to help with marketing. Except, instead of creating website copy, you’re creating an article discussing a topic related to your eBook.

Readers that enjoy your reading and the information that you offer may be interested in learning more about your eBook.

Before you’ve released your eBook, include an opt-in form at the end of your blog posts. After the release of your eBook, link to the location where they can buy or download your eBook.

Offer Your eBook for Free for a Limited Time

After releasing your eBook, consider giving it away for several days, as part of a promotion. This should give you a handful of downloads. These early readers are more likely to leave positive reviews, as they received the eBook for free.

With a handful of good reviews, you’re on the path towards an increasing interest in your eBook. You’ll be able to set up a period where your eBook is available for free if you decide to release your book through Amazon.

Create a PPC Campaign for Your eBook

Use a PPC campaign to help attract more readers once you’ve released your eBook. PPC campaigns provide a cost-effective solution for marketing your eBook.

Google owns about 67% of the PPC market. They’re not your only option for paid advertising. You could also advertise on Facebook or promote your tweets on Twitter.

Add Positive Reviews to Your Landing Pages

Include several excerpts on your landing pages once you start getting positive reviews coming in. This is similar to adding testimonials to a landing page. It shows visitors that you have something of value.
You should also look for any other beneficial details to include on your landing page. If you happen to make it onto one of the bestseller lists, make sure that you mention this on your landing page. Mention the popularity of your eBooks if you have sold thousands of copies.

Marketing an eBook is similar to marketing any other product or service. You need to develop your strategy before you release your product or service.

Creating an eBook is an effective way to reach more customers. Use these tips to market your eBook. Get the most out of your eBook and start establishing yourself as a voice of authority in your market.

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