How To Put Email Swipes To Work For You

Essential Elements of Email Swipes and How to Put Them to Work for You

How To Put Email Swipes To Work For You

In many cases the person actually selling the product is going to give you the text you can simply paste and copy into your email when you promote affiliate products. Sooner or later you probably are going to have to create some emails yourself. And even if you don’t, it’s important that you understand why the emails you send out are structured the way they are.

As an affiliate marketer, you are sending an email to the people on your list because you want them to do something: In most cases, buy your products.

Given the quantity of emails most people receive, it is unlikely that your recipients are going to be willing to spend much time reading all the way to the end of your email. In most cases you will be lucky if they open it at all.

Getting to the Point

In a sales letter, such as, you have the luxury of several pages to build excitement for your product.
In contrast, with a print ad you have only a moment to use images and tag lines to grab your viewer’s attention. A marketing email falls somewhere between.

Like a sales letter, the purpose of your marketing email is to drive your reader toward a Call to Action … or the CTA. As a result, in many ways a marketing email is like an abbreviated sales letter.

Elements of an Email Swipe

The elements of a sales letter and marketing email are the same:

  • Greeting.
  • Presenting a Problem.
  • Offering Your Product as a Solution.
  • Listing Your Product’s Benefits.
  • Special Offers and Bonuses.
  • Call to Action.
  • Link to Product Web Page.

The greeting should be straight-forward and simple. If your target audience is a specific group, feel free to reference the group in your greeting:.

Dear Internet Marketer:.

Your autoresponder program will let you automatically include your recipient’s first name in the greeting, such as:.

To: Alice Walker.
Dear Alice,.

Use it because it makes the email more personal if your autoresponder offers this option.

Keep It Simple

You also want to always make sure the content of your email is interesting and on point. Don’t swerve or digress off onto other subjects. Remember that your recipient is receiving dozens, even hundreds of emails per day and they probably are only going to send a few moments on yours, if they open it at all.

Grab their attention early … starting with the subject line … then set up the problem that is relevant to your affiliate product niche and keep the email moving briskly toward the CTA. Your goal is to grab their attention and hold onto it throughout the body of the email so they will keep reading.

The email should be no more than one page or a page and a half at most. Try to limit your content to less than a dozen paragraphs, if possible.

Know how to create an effective promotional email that is going to convert your customers to buy the affiliate products you are promoting.

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