Taking Advantage of the Holiday Spending Trend

Taking Advantage of the Holiday Spending Psychology

There are several time-tested way you too as an online marketer or product owner can get in on a chunk of the extra cash that rolls in over holiday seasons. The key to capitalizing on the holiday spending is targeting your demo, and then standing out from the competition. Easier said than done, right?

Actually, if you plan all your holiday events in advance and have every sale, event or launch date marked off with content ready for distribution then you are in with a chance of making that extra bit of coveted holiday cash. See, here’s the thing people want to spend the money over the holidays, it makes their loved ones feel special and it makes them feel special. What’s the harm in giving them a few incentives to buy from you. Yes, this was a reference to the age-old retail method of putting on “specials” to attract customers to your products rather than similar products being sold just a click away.

You can put a traditional holiday spin on your products or services by:

1. Holding a sales event for the season
2. Offering discounts on holiday related items in your inventory
3. Offering value adding freebies
4. Price matching to the best prices available on the product
5. Free or reduced shipping costs for the holiday
6. Adding complimentary services like gift wrapping or a personal note to the recipient option etc.
7. Buy more save more offers
8. Referral discounts or rewards
9. Customer raffles for coveted or novelty products
10. Exclusive early access to premium buyers


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to online promotional events centered around specific holidays. The freedom to be creative is literally endless when it comes to online marketing or business ventures. With social media taking over most parts of life broadcasting your message/s has become easier than ever. There are little to no censoring laws in effect over the web. So, all you need to create a little buzz is start a controversial (not offensive) campaign and use social media as a soap box to unite your target demo.

What is being advocated here is that use more traditional ways to rake in the holiday cash but do not forget to use your creativity. After all, Jobs was the marketing head of the Apple and Macintosh, not its creator/engineer. Seve Wozniac came up with a computer system and Jobs sold that system better than anyone ever thought possible.

That’s the excitement surrounding the digital age– anything is possible!

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