The Most Unusual Marketer You Ever Met!

The Rich Jerk!

This is a funny marketing strategy you can never dream of. This marketer appeared online for a short while, go disappeared, and few years later return to make another kill. The great thing is his reappearance online shook up the entire industry. He would appear without revealing his name or even have face partially covered.

Brilliant Method

His video presentation is offensive, obnoxious and his style is like smashing mud right into your face. Despite his obnoxious personality and odd approach, the methods for making money online he presented are brilliant that get rave reviews. He was known as “The Rich Jerk”.

The Rich Jerk is Back

He shot to fame out of nowhere for 3 years to become the # 1 seller on Clickbank. His appearance on several TV shows, and spotted on red carpet with celebrities are real proof for his success. After the success, he vanishes from the scene. Rumors spread, crazy forums and people wonder what went wrong, with some thought he died, or thought him not a real person. Some thought he went bankrupt, or even retired with millions and rode off into the sunset. The fact is, very few people know what happened. This time, he is back and even crazier than before.

Read on the excerpt from his sales pitch!

The Rich Jerk (version 11)

“Hey Looser,

I’m gonna tell you upfront you probably can’t handle this…

In fact, most of you won’t even qualify for this.

I’m going to do the opposite of what I’m “supposed” to do, and I’m going to tell you all of the reasons why you shouldn’t get it.

This is about my RJ Gold System, and it has only been available once, for a 3 week period back in May of 2014.

And I only accepted 10 people per day.

Not bullsh*t scarcity – I ACTUALLY turned the order buttons off when we hit 10 people each day.

And EVERY SINGLE DAY it sold out by 10am.

I still have a waiting list of over 1,000 people.

I got tons of emails from people saying they were frustrated that it was always unavailable.

And after 3 weeks I took it off the market.


Because I only wanted beta testers.

I wanted the software to be broken, stepped on, and smashed in every way.

That kind of abuse is only possible in a real-world environment with different users, operating systems, browsers, devices, locations, etc.

And with the feedback I got from those 200 or so people, I went back to work.

I got my team together and they spent the last 17 months re-engineering and perfecting the software.

While it was good before – what we have today is remarkable.

That is why THIS TIME I’m letting EVEN LESS people inside…”

Was his sales letter funny? Go click here to find out!

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