Using Content Syndication For Your IM Business

Double the value of your content by breaking your blog posts or articles into smaller chunks and send them out over social media as either Twitter “Tweets” or as Facebook status updates. Include a link to your web page with every posting so that you can lead people back to your page.

If you post your content anywhere, always make sure it includes several backlinks that lead back to your home pages so people who found your content helpful and interesting can find more content that you have created. Post your content on your own blog site or web pages, as well as posting them as guest blogs on other people’s blog sites, as freestanding articles, and as submissions to article syndicators and social bookmarking sites.

One great way to drive more traffic to your web pages is by posting content you have created on other people’s web pages or on article syndicators. These are sites that collect articles from all over the web and index them in one location so that they can be found more easily by people searching online for specific topics.

Benefits of Content Syndication

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are constantly crawling through the Internet looking for new content that they can index and rank on their Search Engine Rank Pages (SERPs). One of the ways they assign value to your web page is by the number of backlinks it includes. If your web page has links from a lot of other web pages– especially pages the search engines considers “authoritative”– then it will be ranked higher by search engines.

Links from authoritative or “expert” sites– such as those that are a leading authority on whatever niche your content happens to be about– will increase its ranking dramatically. Search engines want to point their users to sites that are going to give them the most helpful, accurate information. If you can get your content to include links from such sites as,, Wikipedia and others like those, your rankings will increase and you may even wind up on the front page.

Benefits of Syndicating Your Content

Other authority sites include sites that end with the suffixes .edu and .gov. Post content in forums on governmental or educational websites and include links back to your web pages and usually it will instantly increase your page ranking on search engines.

Benefits of syndicating your content on authoritative sites include:

You can siphon “authority” from established websites.
You can build premium backlinks that will remain intact
You can position yourself as a respected expert in your field
You can generate traffic to your website instantly.
You can build a reputation as an authority in your niche.

Where to Syndicate Your Content

An easy way to find authority sites related to your niche is to type in any of these following keyword strings along with your niche keywords:

“Guest Bloggers Wanted”.

Expanding the scope and stretch of your offers through syndicating your content on as many channels as possible is essential for driving maximum traffic to your offers.

Another way to find guest blogging opportunities is to use “inurl” keyword searches which will search online blogs for specific search terms. These look like this:.

“inurl: guest bloggers”.

“inurl: guest-blogging-guidelines” or.

“Contributors Needed”.

“Submit Guest Post”.

Some content syndication networks are devoted to specific niches. If you work in Internet Marketing, you could submit your content to one of these sites:.

“Accepting Guest Bloggers”.

“Submit Article”.

Top Content Syndication Networks.

“Submit Content”.

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