You Can Do Anything!

13283510393_7e595f2e25_bToo often, I feel discouraged when efforts on my online business does not yield the results I planned. It’s mere frustration and immediate thought is to discard it. I know this is negative thinking until I read Charlie Page’s article today on “You Can Do Anything”. This remind me of the Mindset aspect “Never Give Up“. His article is repeated below I wish it helps you should you face the same kind of feeling to give up.

Charlie Page – You Can Do Anything!

I’m hearing from a lot of people who are discouraged. They have been trying to succeed online for a long time, have spent much of their time and money and don’t have the results they wanted to show for that investment.

The product they are promoting did not convert. The blog they got with their business opportunity looks like every other blog out there. And they don’t know how to update it or what to say.

I get it because we have all been there. I am no exception. 

When I first stared online I had to learn HTML the hard way. I’m talking about a text editor and literally writing the code.

And this was after two years of what doctors call “post concussion syndrome”. Not fun that one.

I struggled for days (sometimes weeks) to make a simple squeeze page or write a sales letter.

And creating and selling a product and setting up a download page? Forget about it! :-)

But I made it through and today own over 12 websites, employ 6 people and have a strong business.

How did that happen? I believe it’s due to two things.

  1. As a man of faith I say with gratitude that we have been blessed.
  2. I was willing to take things in baby steps.

Let’s focus on point 2 for a moment.

When I say baby steps I mean just that. I believed then, and believe now, that I could do anything if I had a good step-by-step checklist to follow.

A roadmap. A blueprint if you will.

Today I’m hearing people say they can’t do this or that because they don’t have the education or they are too old or they have just failed so many times they are discouraged.

If that sounds remotely like you let me share this …

It is never too late to start again.

You can do anything if you take it in small baby steps.

Quote: Victory is Always Possible for the Person Who Refuses to Stop Fighting – Napoleon Hill

Are you ready to move forward and tell yourself, “Yes, I can do it”. There’s no reason to feel discouraged because there’s always the solution ahead.
Remember your determination to continue with some extra tweaks will lead you to the final Victory!
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